Windows Exchange only uses the finest uPVC materials for our double glazed uPVC windows. That is why we use Deceuninck.

Door installation

Energy Saving

Thanks to their clever design, uPVC window profiles are a very poor conductor of heat or cold. In very hot climates like the Asia Pacific region, this will reduce your reliance on cooling devices such as air conditioning. Of course, it also works the other way round. Keep out the cold and save on heating costs by choosing Deceuninck window profiles! Either way, you will feel the positive impact of up to 50% savings on your energy bill!

Chemical Resistant

Being made of exceptionally durable uPVC, Deceuninck windows are extremely resistant to pollution, diluted acids and alkalis. Deceuninck’s uPVC can be cleaned with warm water, a gentle household detergent and a soft cloth.

Improved Multi-Chamber Design

  • Reduced sound transmission by up to 40dB due to effective sealing
  • Comfort and peace even with the most congested of traffic outside 
Deceuinick windows

Enlarged Reinforcement Chamber

  • Provides resistance to high wind pressure
  • Up to 6300 Pa; 270-380km/h of wind resistance
  • Accommodates a wide selection of designs
  • Suitable for high-rise projects

Welded Leak-proof Corners

  • Strengthened frames and sashes
  • Impede leaks 

Protective Seals

  • EPDM dual compression seals act as an excellent barrier against air and sound infiltration
  • Allows water to drain efficiently 8mm overlap of frame and sash
  • Compared to standard aluminum windows

Excellent Thermal Insulation

  • Heavily reduced electricity bills
  • Prevents heat transfer from inside to outside thereby reducing energy expended to cool your room

Smooth And Effortless Sliding

This is facilitated by:

  • Specially formulated aluminium tracks
  • Premium quality, durable, low friction rollers

Improved Security

  • Eurogroove positioned through the centre of the sash profile
  • Designed with firm locking position for multi-point locking gears, thus enhancing the resistance to forced entry
  • Sturdy, steel reinforced profiles made of impacted tested recipe

Low threshold for doors

  • Low threshold for wheelchair access 
  • Satisfying most international building requirements and regulations