Professional Doors Installation Canberra

Your existing doors are removed and then the new double glazed doors are installed with a minimum of disruption. 

Your existing doors and framework are removed to be replaced with your new double glazed doors or aluminium double glazed doors and interior framework. We dispose of all of your old doors.We pride ourselves on professional installations by our highly skilled crews.

Door installation

Why should you have your windows and doors replaced?

Energy Saving

Thanks to their clever design, uPVC window and doors profiles are a very poor conductor of heat or cold. In very hot climates like the Asia Pacific region, this will reduce your reliance on cooling devices such as air conditioning. Of course, it also works the other way round. Keep out the cold and save on heating costs by choosing Deceuninck window profiles! Either way, you will feel the positive impact of up to 50% savings on your energy bill!

Excellent Thermal Insulation

  • Heavily reduced electricity bills
  • Prevents heat transfer from inside to outside thereby reducing energy expended to cool your room

Adds value to the property

Giving your house a facelift by installing stylish and modern double glazed doors can do nothing but make the house more desirable. That, combined with the, energy efficiency and noise reduction of double glazed doors will be big bonuses to the value of the house.

More secure

The high quality locking mechanisms as well as the increased strength and durability of our double glazed doors helps protect you and your family.